Open Studio

Work independently in my Atelier without my supervision. A peaceful and super-equipped space where you can create your own pieces using professional equipment including wheels, modeling tools and many glazes of my own invention.

REQUIREMENT: Previous experience or at least one month of course in this studio.

HOURS: Tuesday morning 9:00-13:00h


  • single entrance (1 entrance of 4h): 40 euros
  • monthly subscription (4 entrances of 4h each): 100 euros
  • quarterly subscription (12 entrances of 4h each): 285 euros

Prices do not include clay and firing which, if desired, can be provided by the atelier.


Single entrance can be purchased at will according to availability.

As regards the monthly and quarterly subscriptions, entrances must be used in that specific month/quarter, for example, if you subscribe on the Tuesday morning of November, entrances will correspond to 4 consecutive Tuesday mornings of November only. If you are unable to come to an Open Studio, upon informing me, you will be able to make up the entrance during the month/quarter depending on the availability. It will not be possible to make up entrances in the following month/quarter unless you also purchase the subscription for the following month/quarter.


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