CREATE - Pottery course

CREATE, the general pottery course where you will choose the object to make in order to enhance your creativity and freedom of personal expression. You will learn various modeling techniques (if you are interested you can work on the wheel), you will glaze and take home the finished piece. Suitable for all levels.

The maximum number of participants per class is 5.


  • Wednesday morning 09:30-11.30am
  • Wednesday afternoon 05:00-07:00pm
  • Saturday morning 10:00-12:00am


  • single lesson (1 lesson of 2h) - price: 30 euros
  • monthly subscription (4 lessons of 2h each) - price: 100 euros
  • quarterly subscription (12 lessons of 2h each) - price: 285 euros

Prices do not include clay (10kg: 11 euros)


Single lesson can be purchased at will according to availability.

As regards the monthly and quarterly subscriptions, it is mandatory to choose a fixed shift and maintain it for the entire period. Lessons must be attended in that specific month/quarter, for example, if you subscribe on the Tuesday morning of November, lessons will correspond to 4 consecutive Tuesday mornings of November only. If you are unable to attend a lesson, upon informing me, you will be able to make up the lesson during the month/quarter depending on the availability of the other shifts. It will not be possible to make up lessons in the following month/quarter unless you also purchase the subscription for the following month/quarter.


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